Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains the responsibilities of Computers for Communities in respect to any personal and private information.


  • C4C will not sell, trade, exchange or otherwise share the personal contact information you provided upon subscribing to this mailing list.
  • In the event that our systems are compromised, Computers for Communities will, to the best of its ability, contact all those potentially affected by the security breach.

User Accounts

  • Personal information gathered for user accounts is for the express purpose of identifying the user
  • Address and demographic information may be requested for purposes of better understanding our members and serving our community.

Mailing List:

  • The mailing list is public and open to anyone to join.
  • This mailing list maintains a public archive of all threads and can be searched and indexed by web crawlers and search engines.
  • You may subscribe and unsubscribe to the mailing list as many times as you would like.
  • Only humans may subscribe to our list, please no bots.


  • Personal information gathered for memberships are for the expressed purpose of maintaining our membership database. By law a non-profit is obligated to keep its members informed of various activities. We gather this information in order to operate as a non-profit corporation serving our members.

Removal of Account

  • You may remove or delete your account at any time
  • Please contact the site administrator if you require help.
  • If you represent an individual or estate please contact us directly with the appropriate documentation


  • Information gathered during our annual fundraising efforts is done so in order to keep you informed of how your funds are spent.
  • If you wish to make an anonymous or offline donation please direct payments to our address on our Contact Us page.


Fundraising Goal