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C4C Celebrates Software Freedom Day Ottawa 2012

C4C will be hosting a small get together to celebrate Software Freedom day and raise awareness about the digitial divide in Ottawa. The event will take place in the basement of the Royal Oak Pub on Laurier from 12:00pm to 3:00pm on Saturday September 15, 2012. Please RSVP for the event here .

Why would Computers for Communities be interested in Software Freedom Day?

Communications Team Meetup August 2012

If you have some skills with newsletters, copy editing, social media, creative writing, editorials, photography, graphic arts or video then we want you as part of our communications t

November fundraising

Today was a great day for fundraising. It is hard sometimes to work in some door to door canvasing between my day job and all the C4C activities going on. But It was great to get out and share our vision with some folks in the Ottawa community of Barrhaven, specifically my old stomping grounds of Falk Avenue.

Volunteers tough out cold weather to deliver refurbished computers to Boys and Girls Club

Dear Computers for Communities volunteers,

A special thanks goes to Lisa and Antoine for helping with the mass
exodus of computers from storage to the Boys and Girls Club tonight.

It was warm in the garage as we cleaned mice, keyboards re-arranged
shelves and moved boxes. After all C4C has a hidden workout agenda built
into our programs naturally moving heavy things around. Time for a recovery drink.

The story changed though once we were ready to load up the truck with

Back To School Without a Computer

Going back to school is a big deal for students across the country and around the world. Everything must be perfect; from having the right pens, enough paper, the latest clothing styles, and maybe even a new Bieber haircut. This week many students returned to school without access to a computer at home.

Bridging the Digital Divide in Ottawa

Too many people in Ottawa, and across Canada still face barriers to accessing computers and the Internet. In Ottawa alone there are 54,000 households without a computer and 128,000 households without access to the Internet [1]. This is incredible considering that as of 2004 Ottawa claimed to be the Silicon Valley of the North [6].

According to Wikipedia "[a] digital divide refers to [a] gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology, and those with very limited or no access at all" [7].

Wheelchair Accessible Computer Tables Looking for a Home in Ottawa

Computers for Communities (C4C) works with many local partners to ensure that refurbished computers can find homes with those who face barriers to accessing technology.

C4C is currently working with another organization in Ottawa to find home(s) for three Wheelchair accessible computer tables before they land in a dumpster.

Due to some crossed lines in communication this has become a time sensitive issue as the organization is moving at the end of the month and the tables will not be moving with the organization.

C4C Computer Refurbishing Workshop Requirements

Computers for Communities (C4C) is winding down its successful pilot project of offering its weekly computer refurbishing and training sessions. C4C is not closing its doors but is looking for a new home.

New Event Tool

Hey Folks,

The event listing tool we have on our website has not been working for a
number of months, and thus we have been using our mailing list.

In the effort to lift the burden of RSVPing for our events we have an
interim solution. It is an application sitting on another website that
among other things can manage events.

To get to it you can go to our main website
(/). Under the "Volunteer" menu follow
the activity calendar link.

or here is a direct link (hard to remember):

Community Computer Labs

It has been a while since my last post, as usual.

That is the wonderful thing about a blog, post whatever when ever.

So when I post something I would hope it is important enough to strike a chord with people.

We have had a growing success with our first Community Computer Lab. This is great and gave us the push to move forward trying to secure a few more.

All told, our goal is 10 Community Computer Labs in the city of Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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