C4C Celebrates Software Freedom Day Ottawa 2012

C4C will be hosting a small get together to celebrate Software Freedom day and raise awareness about the digitial divide in Ottawa. The event will take place in the basement of the Royal Oak Pub on Laurier from 12:00pm to 3:00pm on Saturday September 15, 2012. Please RSVP for the event here .

Why would Computers for Communities be interested in Software Freedom Day?

First off, C4C uses free and open source software almost exclusively to run its operations and business. C4C also believes in openness and transparency which is a guiding principle of free software. We believe that anyone should be able to inspect our refurbished computers to ensure we are not hiding anything like key loggers or tracking usage statistivcs of our stakeholders without their consent.

We also believe that sharing common tools and resources like software will help to impact a large number of people and narrow the gap in the digital divide. Many smart and resourceful individuals have already solved many software problems and they share their successes through free and open source software. We pass this effort and wisdom on to our stakeholders.

We also believe in security. Often it is hard for the average user to know if their computers are secure or not. Instead of providing a flashy sticker claiming our computers are secure, we stand behind the software we use that anyone (expert or otherwise) can inspect the software for security issues.

Free and Open Source software is one way that C4C achieve its mission. Three specific examples include:

  1. We use the free and open source operating system, Ubuntu Linux in all our refrurbished machines.
  2. We erase all the data from the computers donated to us using Dariks Boot and Nuke CD which includes many Free Software tools
  3. Our website runs on free software, namely the Drupal Content Management System
  4. Our web hosting provider National Capital Free net (NCF) using the free and open source web server Apache to serve out our website
  5. All of our refurbished computers use the Free and Open source office suite LibreOffice.

In contrast, many non-prfits use a charity version of other operating systems. To use these other operating systems, licence fees are paid. Either these fees are paid by the organization and their donners or the cost is passed on to their clients.

C4C uses Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to keep our costs as low as possible, while encouraging people to learn about the technology they use by exploring the source code and using the software in new and exciting ways.

Software Freedom Day Ottawa 2012 event is coming together and will include the following features:

  • Friendly meet up
  • Demonstration of Ubuntu using refurbished laptops
    • Office Libre
    • Other FOSS included
    • FOSS Games
  • Back issues of Linux Pro Magazine to check out on site
  • Small library of Live Linux CD's for visitors to try in their own laptops onsite
  • Live Distros to give away (We are trying to secure a source)
  • Located right across from the University of Ottawa Campus.
  • Pub fare type food and drink available for purchase

RSVP to come and join us on Saturday September 15, 2012

Learn more about Software Freedom Day worldwide.

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